gone way too long again

I did it again. Got swept up in my projects and neglected to post here. There’s been hair modeling and photo shoots and crazy kid/family stuff happening but even though I had these delays, I would never forget to post…eventually. This blog, and you, mean too much to me.

It’s been a focus of many blog posts but I always struggle with balance. And every year that I struggle with this, I learn something. Reluctantly, I learned that I can’t do it all at once. The writing, the photography, hair modeling, music and child-rearing—they all take time. I tackled the photography by challenging myself to post one photo a day on instagram. The focus is on lifestyle and food photography. It doesn’t take long, I use old photos and new. And if I’m truly not inspired with any of the photos I have at the given moment, then I pack up my bright orange oversized camera backpack (it’s almost the same size as me) with a few of my favorite lenses, and I go out shooting.

Time catches up with me but I manage to I keep up with my hair color monthly and I do about two or three hair modeling events a year. The perfect amount to make time for babysitters, stay involved in the hair industry and stay connected to my friends. Anything more would be overwhelming, anything less would make me feel disconnected from a part of my life that I am unable to part with yet.

Songs are floating around in my head, and I’ve managed to write one down recently. Hopefully more soon. It’s raw and emotional—and I haven’t written like that in a while so I’m very excited—things are really coming together!

While writing sneaks into my daily life, I haven’t had the chance to devote myself to creative writing. A year or two ago, this would have eaten away at my soul. My inner voice would abuse me. Find a way to write something. Make time. There’s always time. But I’ve turned down the voices that haunted me for so long. I don’t have to do every creative endeavor every single day to feel accomplished.  I don’t have to complete an entire project, every day, to succeed.

Which leads me back to what I should always remind myself, all creativity is connected. When I devote myself to photography, the writing and music doesn’t walk out the door to never return.  It’s all still here; waiting patiently to be created. So know, when I’m not here on wordpress, that I’m not gone, I’m just out finding balance and Ill be back to visit with you soon!


Here are some samples of my recent projects—photography, hair modeling and songwriting. Thanks as always for the support!



four sliders on a plate, topped with a fried egg




Hair Modeling.

bottom half of my face, red hair with pink and purple sections



Song Lyrics.


Cradled inside

give the perfect, sign

then your bruises will heal

and so will mine


Little scraped hands

peeling skin

hurt-filled eyes

drowning sin


Do what you’re told

waited in line

you sold your soul

but you can’t have mine

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