a surgery, a recovery and an engagement

After several weeks of photography projects and family health issues, I am back in the game. My husband is recovering from surgery and I have so much hope and faith that this will be a good year for us. It will take work on both of our parts but we can do this.

One especially exciting event happening this year will be my sister’s wedding. My sis and her fiancé have their own photography business, so it’s an honor that they asked me to take their engagement photos. We took my kids, the trusty camera equipment, Kim and Scott (the adorable couple), and headed to the Shedd Aquarium for some fun engagement photos. It’s so incredible that they have their own distinct styles but so much in common, too. I think this compatibility will benefit them down the road. They have so much that they enjoy doing together–and they enjoy time on their own as well. To me, that’s the best way to start a marriage.

I’m just as lucky to be married to my best friend. It would take a few volumes to write all the things that make my husband so amazing, so I will just let you know that in addition to all of his wonderful qualities, he stands behind me in everything I do. And, being a strong-willed, (shy) and independent woman, it takes an incredible and humble man to be second in command in the household. I never expected that this is where I’d be at 37, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. No regrets here.

My oldest son decided to “photo bomb” several of the engagement photos. All the shots were taken in natural light , so it was a challenge to work indoors, but we had a lot of fun with it! My son, and a shark decided to photo bomb the last shot I posted here.

couple cuddling, looking away from camera, shedd aquariumclose up engagement shot, bright background, shedd aquariumcouple hugging in front of sharks, shedd aquariumblack and white photo, couple, arms around each other, shedd aquarium

thumbs up from boy sneaking into engagement shot, chicago skylinecouple holding hands, looking at each other, shark and kid photo bomb, shedd aquarium


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