living simply isn’t always easy

alert dog in a backyard, waiting for direction from his owner

I think I’ve been handed too many life lessons this year.  Even while I attempt to live simply, the something unexpected in our little  world creeps up and attacks at the most unprepared times. There’s been many sleepless nights, thrown in with a slew of tears—sad and happy—that I’ve had trouble keeping up.

But through all of these difficult life lessons, it’s been a surprisingly good year. I have several freelance projects. I am following the rules: enjoy the little things, appreciate everything, especially during those most challenging moments.

No matter how prepared you are, it hits the heart like a hundred bullets at once to lose a pet. We knew it could happen soon, he was a sixteen year old “puppy” and touched so many lives. Yet it was still unexpected. He would have to be so close to us no matter what was happening, that so often we’d step on his paws. He’d join us in  playing board games or puzzles by sitting right in the middle of the board, like he was saying “Notice me! I need attention here.”  He was a constant–helped my husband when he was ill and recovering from surgery. He was a best-friend to my four year old son and the test model for many of my photo shoots because he sat so still, posing for his moment in the spotlight. This is why I continue working as a photographer–to hold on to some of these special real-life moments—and to help others do the same.

dog posing for a portrait in a studio atmosphere

The house feels empty and silent every time we step inside it. I hear it gets easier so I’ll just have to trust that.

The latest challenge with keeping up has been the lack of sleep. I continue to strive for positive happy moments. There’s so much to be thankful for.  And I won’t be ending this post on a sad note because so not matter what is thrown our way, I will continue to appreciate all of the happy crazy moments that we are so lucky to have! And while I had to get this off my chest, there are so many exciting things to come. Looking forward to catching up on your blogs as well!

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