abandoned building

blackbird, beak open, perched in window of abandoned building

I spend a lot of time in the car. Not as much as before, but still, a significant amount of my day is spent driving. It can get tedious, but overall, I don’t mind. When I plan my life around driving, I accomplish so much. From reading audiobooks and eating lunch (sometimes dinner) to putting on makeup and paying bills at school pick up, things get done. I’m actually more focused in the car because I’m not worrying about too much more than the road and whatever I have going on right in front of me.  Sometimes it’s an escape from reality.

During one escape, I attempted to dodge rush hour traffic and took side roads to get home. I had the GPS on because I was in unfamiliar territory, but it didn’t help because it kept lecturing me to get back on the highway. I was determined not to do so. I took a couple of winding turns down side streets and ended up passing a cemetery, cookie cutter houses and some older office buildings. One building stood out to the point that I stopped the car. A few windows were empty, random slats of glass missing or damaged.  A photographers dream come true.

Apparently, with all the excitement of finding new creative inspiration, I didn’t bother to note where the heck I was. It was about twenty minutes from my house but I didn’t take down an address or cross streets. So a few weeks later, armed with my minivan and camera gear, I was determined to find this building again. I got on the highway, thinking I’d get off at the same exit I got off at previously. I found out the hard way that the exit didn’t exist when driving in the opposite direction. So, driving again in steady traffic, a few highway exits and three point turn-arounds later, I found the building.

It was a quiet neighborhood so I didn’t feel like I was disrupting anything by getting a few shots. At least, I hope I wasn’t because I don’t like getting in the way. A policeman drove by, giving me the “what the hell are you doing staring at an old building” look. I set up my tripod and watched a few local birds scatter around as they showed me that this building was their forever home. One bird in particular, a very outgoing blackbird, went to his favorite window and began chatting away. He bucked out his chest and opened his beak wide to belt out his birdsong. I got more interesting shots than I ever expected to get. And I love that these birds got as much out of this building as I did.



  blackbird bowing in window of abandoned buildingwide angle view of abandoned building windows, with blackbird

black and white shot of abandoned building windows

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