no time for resolutions

little boy holding a chunk of snow as big as his head

I didn’t have time for new years resolutions this year. No worries though, I don’t need for one calendar day to dictate what I will do for the other 364. Since I am constantly evolving, I’m constantly updating and reevaluating goals throughout the year. No matter the day that I set them, I’m pretty hard on myself if I don’t fulfill them by the intended completion date, so unless I have a strict deadline to follow, I leave the date blank. Being self-motivated can be a blessing. Oh, and when it eats me up inside for those few times I don’t (or can’t) follow through, it can be a curse.

I feel for those of you who aren’t self-motivated. Dates, resolutions and strict goals are necessary for you to get through your projects before the dreaded procrastination sets in. Even us self-starters can procrastinate from time to time, so, whatever the process, stay true to your goals and yourself.

And no matter what type of goal setter you are, the one thing that we have in common is that time is limited. I plan on getting as much done as I can in the little time that I have. Hopefully, I won’t be too hard on myself in the process…

I look forward to meeting new bloggers and catching up with old friends throughout the year!

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