My hair (wig) discovery


Being a hair model has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. It’s allowed me to travel and meet a lot of different and awesome people. But the best part of being a hair model is my ever changing hair style. I’ve had super edgy and unique cuts along with every color in the rainbow and then some. This has truly been a gift to me that I know most won’t have the chance to have. But… if you do want to change your hair color and style easily and anytime you want, I found somewhere that can help.

After a particularly inspiring photoshoot with one of the best styles I’ve ever had the chance to model, I realized that I missed that hair and started looking for something similar that would let me relive that experience anytime I desired. I needed that hair in my life, so I browsed the internet in search of hair unit that matched, or at least something that would let me achieve it with some styling of my own. And after hours of searching, that’s when I discovered

Wigs Wigs & More Wigs!

I came across many online wig stores throughout my search, but none came close to the selection of styles, types of wigs, and colors that I found on Divatress. They have thousands of styles in every kind of hair unit you could ever want: wigs, lace front wigs and so much more. Their site is easy to navigate and makes finding exactly what you are looking for a breeze. Just to give you an idea of their selection, their wigs section has over a thousand wonderful styles to choose from. Couple that with their huge selection of colors– natural tones in black and brown and vibrant pastel fantasy shades–and there’s a good chance that you’ll find the look you’ve always wanted.

As I browsed through Divatress, I was pleasantly surprised to find some voug-ish wig styles similar to some cuts that I wore while hair modeling. I quickly found some of my favorite styles in their Short Wigs. They have lots of short wig styles that will have you at the center of attention, but they also have a lot of cute styles that you can wear every day or for any occasion. One of the best parts is that you can experiment with different styles and colors without having to do anything to your own hair! In a few words, Divatress is hair heaven!

One of my favorite things about being a hair model is the way that new and trendsetting styles make you feel. Hair allows you to transform into a better, happier, and more complete version of yourself. A different ‘do can be liberating and inspiring, and inspiration is exactly what I feel when I shop at Divatress. And even if you don’t have the opportunity to travel the globe, there’s no reason to not feel inspired and beautiful everyday. You don’t need to be a jetsetter to feel glamorous–all you need is the right hairstyle. The right wig can boost your confidence and have you feeling like a star. As a hair model, I can highly recommend Divatress for great wigs!


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