shooting in monochrome

boy hanging from a monkey bar at the playground, b+w photo

Shooting in black and white adds an element to photos that I can’t fully explain. I never studied color so I’m curious why this happens. How does removing color enhance a photo? Some photos are destined to be monochrome. So, for fun, I decided to do a shoot entirely sans color, and it was by far, the most rewarding shoot I’ve ever done. I saw details that I overlooked in color photos. I experimented more, and I (almost) dreaded setting the camera back to “standard” color.

Does the lack of color make some photos timeless? Or did the act of stepping out of a comfort zone motivate me? I don’t know.  But it worked. I had a hard time putting the camera down.

Usually color is a priority in my life. From my bright colored clothes to the pink, purple and red in my hair, color takes over. So maybe, the lack of color in the photos was something I needed. I noticed little details that I so often overlook. I was content with other details that, in color, might have been distractions.

Also, it inspired me to look through some color photos and convert them to black and white. I’ll post those here.  Send me links to your own monochrome shots, too!

boy "flying" on a swing b+w 1boy "flying" on a swing b+w 2boy "flying" on a swing b+w 3boy "flying" on a swing b+w 4


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