door ninja

boy in hockey gear waiting to get on the ice


I haven’t written about my oldest son in a while. He’s sweet and funny and talented. And, he’s eight. He looks out for his younger brother, without me asking. The word “technically” finds its way into all of his conversations. He wants to be a famous, drummer, hockey player or football player. While he’s mostly quiet and reserved, his closest friends get to see his outgoing and goofy side.

brothers talking on a path in the forest

I asked him what plans for the summer are. His response: sleepovers with cousins, aunts and grandparents, eating out at noodles and company, and taking pictures with his ipad.

little brother following in big brother's footsteps

He puts himself in other people’s shoes. He goes out of his way to hold the door open for everyone, something he’s done since he could walk—calls himself the “door ninja.” He cares about people’s feelings. He writes plays and stories and recently, he started taking photographs with me. He has strong political views and asks lots of questions about the election. Even though he’s the most obedient kid I know, school gets tough for him because he has trouble conforming to some of the rules. From speaking up in class to the “short” lunch breaks, in his mind, there’s never enough time to eat and have fun with friends.

It’s getting better as he gets older. Hopefully summer break will allow him to enjoy a few slow lunches at Noodles and Company and some long get-togethers with friends.

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