creatures and close ups

I’m doing it again—staying up all night to catch up on all of the projects that need catching up. Even the phone lectured me about my lack of sleep.

As I hold my eyelids open, I managed to find some close up shots that I’ve taken to add to the portfolio. The first is two cuddly Elvis bears given to me at an Elvis-themed wedding. The cuteness stops there. If you’re not a fan of insects, then look away from the screen. I’m more of an Elvis fan than a bug fan but they are fantastic creatures for close up photography.  As long as they stay in their webs and out of my house, I can appreciate them from a safe distance. Once they’re in my personal space, I head for the hills. I do have a few moments of running away and screaming like a baby, but, luckily, I haven’t lost any camera equipment in the process.









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