writing with light

lightning behind the clouds


I can’t say it enough; creativity fuels me every day. I have to create. But that need to create throws me in all directions. I have so much to read, write, photograph, perform, edit—this list goes on, and on an off day, it can wear me down. Where do I start? It’s exhausting to decide on all these loves of my life when time is so limited. A paycheck definitely guides my decision but it still leaves me with all of the creative arts that I couldn’t work on in the few moments I have to myself.

The search for balance will always be at the heart of this blog. In the past, I have uncovered the connections with writing and music—including the fine line between lyrics and poetry. But today, I learned through a photography workshop that the connection within writing and photography is closer than I thought. The word photography means “writing with light.”  Why didn’t I realize this before?! As the writer choses how to place the words on the page, the photographer chooses how to use the light to portray an image. To encompass all the work that I do in the word “writing,” allows me to keep from feeling discouraged when I don’t have enough time to get it all in. No matter what the outlet, I’m telling a story.  Whether you’re writing with ink or painting with light, it’s all the same; it’s creativity. It’s art.

My son gave me a mother’s day gift that he made in school. He was supposed to save it until mother’s day but we love to give gifts early in our family. I untied the red bow and opened the poster that resembled a diploma. It was the alphabet of me. Twenty-six words or phrases describing how he views me. He notices so much more than I ever expected. “Allergic to flowers.” “Cleans a lot.” “Thirty-six” to name a few. I scrolled through the list and noticed that he put “writer” for W. This means the world to me that, out of all the creative things that I do, he sees me as a writer.  Whenever I’m in doubt of who I am or what I should focus on, I think I’ll ask my son what he thinks. He’s brutally honest, and he’s usually right.


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