portfolio progress

A new friend asked how my work is going. Usually, I end up talking about my children so a question about work felt refreshing—a break from the usual. Photography is hard work but it’s fun for me—and I love that through these photo shoots, photography workshops and even from modeling—I’m learning and evolving every day. Unknowingly, she reminded me how I have to “knuckle down” and finish organizing an online portfolio. So I can have one more place to show off all of the work that I do, especially when someone asks. And I will blatantly use this blog as an outlet  to post the photos from my shoots as I organize. With photos from shoots ranging from 2014-2016. As always, I appreciate your feedback.

In a few weeks, I will have an upgraded camera, so, I have until then to get all of my work out here on the blog and the portfolio. Thank you to everyone that has helped me get this far and I look forward to the photo shoots that are already planned for this year!

Penelope 2014

newborn in her daddy's armsnewborn in a basket with blue hairband newborn with parentsbig brother holds crying baby

big brother smiles holding babyclose up of baby in her daddy's armsexcited family shot curled newborn toes in mom and dad's hands


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