unguarded moments

When I’m not taking a photo of a dessert plate or your favorite appetizer, I enjoy taking portraits. But I prefer intimate moments, “unguarded moments” when the subject forgets that I’m there and I can blend in with the scenery and grab the candid shot. It’s difficult to blend in with a professional camera and a lens that can be as big as I am, with bold red hair and a creative cut, but eventually I do, and I create in the moment photos. If you are expecting a photographer who will pose you just so, there are many who will give you that look and they will do it well. But if you want to see photos that expresses a real moment, as close as you can get to reality, then stick around because I‘d love to share my work with you! Thanks for stopping by!


boy with hands on ground looking sidewayshappy boy posing with a stick of birdseed

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