summer in a nutshell

To say the least, I’ve been busy. Life has gotten in the way of this blog for too long, so here I am, back at the keyboard, getting a hold on my life and putting a few pieces of it on the page along the way.  One thing is for sure, I missed writing these past few months. But with all of that behind us, I am back with a summer update as we head into fall.

On the days that I had family and friends to watch my two sweet boys, I went into the city took some photos and experimented with my wide angle lens. Despite not writing much, I’ve been photographing a lot. I took photos of food, events, city life and scenery. People too. I have a few shoots planned in the coming months as well.  A few rough moments in the past few months left me without words, so, as I get back on my feet, I’ll show you a few memories that I captured—ones that I think are worth thousands of words.

During the photo shoot, I met a man who was on his way to quit his job. He was late and didn’t care because it was going to be his last day. A group of photographers from Japan asked to take my photo when I took a lunch break on some steps near the lake. It’s amazing how you intend to spend a few hours alone and still meet some interesting people. I didn’t capture many of them in my photos, but they were a major part of an eye-opening day.


my shadow w camera, bus on a city street (b&w)

traffic, millenium park, (b&w)man directing traffic, city skyline (b&w)sunlight hitting crown fountain in millenium parksunlight hitting crown fountain in millenium park, (sepia)light peaking out behind crown fountain in millenium parkwater splashing in morning light, crown fountainwater splashing in morning light, crown fountain2

water splashing in morning light, crown fountain3Jaume Plensa sculpture and scenery, millenium parkJaume Plensa sculpture and scenery, millenium park2Chicago Theater sign

walking with the buildings, (b&w)bull looking out to family, city (b&w)

Chicago Theater sign and street (b&w)bicycle and buildings (b&w)

do not feed pigeon sign, city background (b&w)

I tried to work with the morning sun and the many shapes that the city has to offer. So many of the photos from this shoot had much more impact in black and white. A crowd of canoes joined the second half of my photo shoot, giving me some of my most memorable shots. I’ll show them to you in my next post. I’ll show you the secret steps when I enjoyed lunch too. Until then.

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