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I try to take my Nikon camera with me everywhere because when I take photos, I like the power to control as much of the photo as possible—the exposure, the white balance, the ISO. But my camera gear weighs almost as much as I do, so it’s not always a possibility.  Some days, especially the ones spent around the house, special moments creep up on me and I have to rely on the phone camera to capture the image.

This gives me a challenge that I enjoy. Taking every day photos with a phone and making them stand out. These moments: my son putting on his big brother’s skates while the dog stares into the camera, gazing at the morning light from his crib, his goofy smile as he peers at me through the playground equipment—every second of them, give me a reason to keep photographing. I work with the apps that come with the phone—occasionally attempting a few editing tricks. Overall, I like to work with natural light. Here are a few every day phone photos I took with the Samsung S5.

boy putting on skates, dog looking at camera

looking to the morning light20140902_19512320140902_084112

Here are a few more moments: making a friend at zoo class, lunch with the boys, music, gym and hockey.

sea otter behind boy playing20141023_095517~220141023_095523brothers having lunchplaying guitar selfie

boy strumming guitargym class

before hockey practiceafter hockey practice

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