a hearty meal

I write a lot about my husband and his life’s work as a chef because he’s a “creative” too. He doesn’t think about flavors and taste alone, but about shapes and colors—how the meal is presented on the plate ties all these parts together to make a meal. If I didn’t mention it a million times already, fall is his favorite season to do this. These photos are of his twist on American favorites.

If any of these meals look like something you’d want to try, head over to South Water Kitchen in Chicago, or leave me a comment with your email address and I will ask him for the recipe!


butternut squash hot cakes with pork tenderloinbutternut squash hot cakes w pork tenderloin

thyme biscuits, rabbit gravy, roasted red potato with quail eggsthyme biscuits, rabbit gravy, roasted pot. w quail eggs

10 oz sirloin, oven-roasted sweet potatoes, spiced port reduction10 oz sirloin, sweet potatoes, spiced port reduction


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