a chef who doesn’t eat

salad with meat, cheese and fruit

My husband has been cooking most of his life. When he spends 16 or more hours a day with his menu, often testing and tasting it,  the last thing he wants to do is eat a meal from it. He puts so much time, effort and love into his food. I only spend a few days a month photographing his food, and my palate couldn’t imagine life without it. When I order from any other restaurant, I make a few changes (add onions, minus the bacon, a different salad dressing) until I’m ordering something that fits my tastes. With the intricate methods that the chef uses to pair the flavors, it’s not worth it to make changes his entrées—because every morsel on the plate is there for a reason. So many people have told me that they will only eat certain foods (like Brussels sprouts) if my husband makes them because they don’t like them made any other way.

If you are a foodie, or interested in being one, I would suggest going to an upscale restaurant and trying something new, the way it’s made, without any substitutions, and see what you think. Eat with an open mind. You are taking a chance because might not like the results, but it’s definitely worth a try. I know one chef that would appreciate it!

shaved brussels sprout salad

intricate salad plate

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