back to my goals

toddler peaking from behind a log


I don’t know if it’s the nicer weather, or that my husband took a little time off of work to help out at home, but I’m getting things done. You haven’t been neglected—I put my blog on hold so I can catch up on all the lingering projects and get everything in order. And it’s working.

1. Writer.

I have two writing projects that I finished editing. My husband asked me to help him write a cookbook, which inspired me to get everything in order, and add that to my list.

2. Photographer.

I spent several hours each day sweating over a hot lap top perfecting the exposure and editing minor details on old photos and getting them ready for a professional portfolio.

3. Hair Model.

In the past I said I wouldn’t hair model anymore. But like any other addiction, I can’t stop completely and I ended up getting a creative cut this past week. Color too. Bright red with a midnight purple underneath. The purple section is a long piece that stands out with the asymmetrical cut. Some longer pieces are in the front while the back is quite short, up to my neck. It looks like a different cut from every angle. It is definitely a work of art.

4. Musician

That leaves me with music. I’m often found singing and dancing with my kids. Even though my oldest says I can only sing with the radio. I’m not allowed to sing along with movies or in public.  I haven’t physically written any new songs but they are in my head and they will be paired up with my guitar very soon. Until I can sit down long enough to play, I am forced to sing with the radio blaring.

So, what does all this mean? To me, this means I can stay true to my title: writer. musician. hair model. and photographer too.

At our toddler class, my friend asked me how I find time to get all of this done while parenting two kids. Some days, actually some months, are really rough. I feel like I’m pulled in every direction. But luckily I have a great support system when I really need it.

I’m curious, how you are doing on your goals?

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