ants and worms

My six year old and I were reading a Junie B. Jones book last night and he asked me if ants and worms get along. I don’t know much about insects or slimy creatures. I did tell him that they didn’t mind each other, but worms hang out in the dirt and ants prefer their anthills made out of sand. They do different things. Satisfied with my answer, we took turns reading the rest of the chapter. At night, he chooses the longest books he can find and always begs me to read more. He thinks I don’t know that he gets to stay up longer that way, but I do. We read a few extra pages and I tucked him in. As I snuck in a kiss good night on his cheek (moms are not supposed to kiss “aliens” because it could kill them, but I do anyway).  He ignored the kiss and decided he would tell me about things that happened at school.

I thought, finally, my six year old is opening up to me about school–this is exciting. He perked up too. He sat back up in his bed, chomping on the crunchy cereal he was promised as a snack, and then he told me how he has to finish his art project because he didn’t have enough time to in class. Most of the time, he talked about his friends. He tells me where everyone is on on his friend list. Everyone in the class is on the list. One girl in particular, from what he tells me, is always getting in trouble. “She is at the very end of my friend list.”

“Did she do something to get to the bottom of the list?”

“No, mom. We don’t talk much or do the same things. It’s like we are ants and worms.”

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