what’s my title?

I blend genres. In the spare bits of time I can call my own, I write, read, photograph, create, and play guitar. When a woman who doesn’t know me asks, “What do you do?” I draw a blank. At first I give her a blank stare. Then, after a few seconds, I open up about freelance photography or writing and then trail off. If I truly wanted to answer her question, her feet would get really tired from standing so long in those shiny black pumps while I explain.

I don’t know if I have a title. I throw around the word “creative” a lot because it sums up most things that I do. But these “things” aren’t hobbies or passing phases. They are the sum of the creative work that makes me who I am.  This winter has made it really tough to be much of anything. I had to put everything on hold to deal with month long colds and flus—a major part of life I have to accept by having a kindergartner that passes germs around like crazy during this brutal Chicago winter.

Hopefully, you are staying warm. During this stagnant time, I’m working on my goal lists and organizing projects. With a hot chocolate in one hand and my laptop in the other, I’ll do what I can because I’m not one to sit still.  While the kids are asleep, tucked in under Spongebob, Thomas and Star Wars blankets, I will rustle through the chaos of my old projects and come up with a name for myself.

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