Now on video!See what it’s like to go blind!

An amazing blog post/video from the woman who helped me to become a published author!

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I was tickled to discover my What’s it Like to go Blind segment up on The Good Stuff channel this week.

Funny thing, though. I can’t see the video!

I can hear the show on YouTube, though, and, really, all you have to do is listen to know how much fun my Seeing Eye Dog Whitney and I had earlier this month when four guys from The Good Stuffspent an afternoon with us taping this week’s segment. Friends and family members who have seen the finished product on The Good Stuff this week have written me and posted links on Facebook – they all give the What’s it Like to Go Blind segment a hearty thumbs-up.

Craig Benzine, the guy who conducted my interview on The Good Stuff, is very familiar with YouTube: he already has an uber-popular vlog there called Wheezy Waiter that has half a million followers…

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