a handful of kids


It’s hard enough to keep five kids entertained for more than  five minutes. We (my sister-in-law and I) held our breath as we tried to get a group shot of our kids for her mom’s birthday. She got four of them dressed while I fed the baby. He was still cranky. Yet for some strange reason, as soon as I threw him into his brother’s arms, he had an instant smile—something I couldn’t have paid him to do. All of the kids smiled beautifully for a millisecond. When we tried different poses, they let us know that they were done with the photo shoot. 

I don’t have any additional lighting equipment other than the flash on the camera and what seeped in through the windows.  I made a couple of edits in photo shop to fine tune everything. Hopefully during our next photo shoot, they will let us experiment with different poses. But I’ll take what I can get. I think they did more than we could ever expect in the amount of time we had to get the shot.

If it looks like there is a lot of love in this photo, it doesn’t lie. These cousins are crazy about each other. They look out for each other and take care of the younger ones too. I look forward to an exciting summer with these guys.


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