chasing light

Even in the darkest hours of winter, I am chasing light. The shadows, lines like prison bars crossing my skin, prompted me to take a self-portrait—eyes bloodshot and wounded from weeks without sleep. Skin, raw and bare, a rare moment.  I have some form of makeup covering my allergy-prone skin. But this day, I am vulnerable.  I am a photographer. I am a new mother again.

shy self-portrait, blinds create shadows on face

My new son is like me; his open and honest expressions force me to adjust my active lifestyle. He’d rather stay home when I need to run errands. I’d rather include him on my freelance adventures photographing, creating, and writing, while he’d rather be in my cuddled in my arms with complete focus on him. The last few weeks we learned to accept each other. He sleeps through the night (6-7 hours) and takes a nap while we go to Starbucks so I can get some creative work in. I spend more time at home than usual so he can be comfortable. I photograph him growing. We learn as we go. A new life forces an adjustment to the balance that I will chase forever and no matter how tired I get, I am ready for the challenge.

Fellow bloggers and readers, please know that during this busy time—I find brief moments to create and gradually, I will post as often as I did before. Thank you for sticking around through it all. I hope all of you are well and I will catch up on reading your blogs as soon as I can.


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