eight hours of shopping and eating

I could make a list of the perks of being married to a chef. It would include homemade dinners that taste like fine dining, fancy desserts on a whim and culinary perfection made out of a few leftover ingredients he found scattered around the kitchen. But the downside is that he has to work long hours with a very unpredictable schedule. He is great about finding a balance but some weeks (like the past few) we don’t see him for days—so we have to work at finding ways to see him more often.

This past weekend my husband took part in the Chicago Gourmet event at Millennium Park and I was able to attend. I took photos for South Water Kitchen and I’ll post a few of them here for you. This was Roger’s first time at this particular event and he made a Maple Pumpkin Pie with Duck Fat Pie Crust, Ginger Whipped Cream, and Pumpkin Seed Brittle. He made 400 of these pies from scratch. I had a savory slice of pie, and when I went back to take the photos, I snuck a second.

event listing with chef in background

chef and restaurant manager serving guests

maple pumpkin pie duck fat crust

pumpkin pie display with mascot


Before the event, I had some time to shop for a fall wardrobe for our four year old. To spend an entire day shopping then sampling food from some of the best chefs in Chicago was a rare treat. To spend a few extra moments with my husband on a busy weekend felt great too. Now, that my palate is spoiled again, it’s back to the “office” to edit photos and finish some projects. I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend as well!

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