my little helper

My day off from “work” turned into a day of laundry and cleaning. My four year old helped by dusting the walls, sanitizing the room with wet wipes and washing the windows with a bar of soap. He had a blast. He felt so proud that he could help. Too bad I couldn’t make picking up his toys that much fun!

I have the fall menu photo shoot today with SWK. As I looked back on past photo shoots, I see the techniques that worked and the ones that didn’t. Now I have a better idea of what I want to accomplish with these photos. They post my photos often on the SWK Facebook page so please “like” it to see some of my latest work.

My husband and I try our best to include our son in various work events and in most aspects of our every day lives. He feels like he is a part of something bigger and we can be together often, despite my husband’s hectic work schedule. We knew what we were getting into when he went into the restaurant industry. I hope that our son-to-be will enjoy our busy lifestyle as well.  My son and I are not homebodies and our one day at home was plenty. We are looking forward to spending the afternoon with Rog at the restaurant and getting the first look at the fall dishes.

I’ll leave you with some photos from the latest SWK event we attended. The flash was a distraction so these photos were taken in low light with no flash.

chef roger demoing his butternut squash soup

brie and apple grilled cheese with butternut squash soup

son tasting his sample of strawberry milk


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