back to school, oh yeah

walking to school with backpackMy son couldn’t wait to finish his first year of school. So as the first day of his second year rolled around, I thought it would be a struggle. I thought we’d be wrestling to get him into the car.

He welcomed the new year with excitement. “I like this school, mom. I want to go every day!” I hope his sentiments last. I stood in line with the other paparazzi parents as he power-walked into the door, not looking back. Everything is worth it when I know that he is comfortable and happy in his school. It’s nice to know that we picked the right place.

Now my mornings have opened up for the next three months. As I end the second trimester of pregnancy, I will use these few hours every morning to finalize projects, get my life together and take a few trips to the gym too.  As I work on a photography portfolio, I hope to have more of a focus on writing and music as well. Either way, I will keep you posted!


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