here comes the bride…but where is the dog?

Weddings are filled with jitters. Will the dress fit? Will the family get along? Will everything go as planned? When I arrived at the bride’s house to take some photographs, some of the family members arrived at the same time. As they opened the door with excitement for the big day, a huskie passes the niece and nephews and takes a leisurely stroll down the street. As the bride gets her shoes to begin the chase, the dog picks up the paces and jets down the street, down the block and out of sight.

Her brother and brother-in-law take over the search for the family pet while their miniature pincher yips for attention as well. Everyone is at a stand still. Left with an overly-stressed bride, the remaining family members try to cheer her up as they wait for the news.

I begin snapping photos of the family, the flowers and the bride. No one can dismiss the somber mood. This isn’t what she expected to happen on her wedding day. The longer it took, the more we worried for the dog.


mini-pinkids posing on couch bride and family

sweet girls posing for camera

little maid of honor with bouquetDSC_0707_028bouquet


The men came back to the house but they walked in without a dog. “He crossed over the highway.” My heart sunk for the family. I worry about how easy it would be for my own dogs to sneak out the door. The family reassured the bride that the dog had tags but it was impossible not to expect the worst.


 bride and groom

We continued with the photographs and I got some great shots of the bride and groom. With minutes to spare before we had to leave for the ceremony, the huskie pops up at the door and walks in as if nothing had happened. The family cheered and the bride had a wedding day she would never forget!

the dog who got away

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