a different view

I spent my childhood watching my dad photograph this beautiful city. We’d pack our family and a few of my closest friends in our station wagon on the weekends and stake out the best views in Chicago. His pre-digital photos are award-winning shots. From North Ave Beach to Buckingham Fountain, I can appreciate the days and weeks of work that went into getting that perfect shot to represent our skyline. Back then, I wasn’t focusing on photos though—I loved the chance to impress friends with my “tours” of whatever area we were stranded in as we waited for my dad. Some nights I was devastated when I had to give up my tours to hold the flash or help with the camera equipment.

Twenty years later I’m hurrying to snap a few shots  of my own as my son gives tours of his favorite places in the city. When we stayed overnight at the Hotel Monaco, my son jumped at the chance to sleep in the window. I took photos of our view as my son emptied his thoughts; he contemplated about the distance and size of the buildings and wondered why so many people were out past their bedtimes.






I love that my son and I can share an admiration of this place. At a very young age, I knew this was where I’d want to live when I grew up. The next morning he told us, and every staff member that would listen, that he wanted to live in the hotel and sleep in the window every night.  He just needed to go home and pick up some toys first.

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