i had to start with dessert…

I stuck a red velvet cake, topped with a cream cheese ice cream and droplets of finely shaved dark chocolate, in a windowsill to photograph it with natural light. The cake guarded a delicate brushing of chocolate, while three raspberries nestled next to the dessert completed the design. While I took photos, the chef explained to the staff that the hint of red in the cake was created with beets. As I snapped some shots of the cake, a pedestrian almost broke through the glass to get a piece. I hope my photo does it justice.

red velvet cake

Most of the photos I look required the use of the flash and I couldn’t believe the difference. Although I got some great shots using the flash and capturing the deep shades of red and brown in the restaurant, nothing could compete with the natural light.

The new summer entrees were equally as appealing. The stuffed red pepper, pork belly, pork chop and scallop dish (topped with a wild boar bacon) are shown here.

stuffed red pepper

pork belly

pork chop

scallop with wild boar bacon

I’ll post the drink shots next…

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