i didn’t forget about you



I spent the last year posting to this blog at least once a week with my current projects spiced with issues and details of my experiences. I apologize for taking the last month off.  My projects went on hold because life got in the way. A lot of changes have occurred…and there are more to come that I will share with you soon. Hopefully, you will understand as I make my way back to a post a week. I have several upcoming projects that I’d love to share with you. 


Upcoming photography projects

Chicago Botanic Gardens: Chef Series

Completing online and print portfolios

Wedding photography in July

More photography contests

Food photography and restaurant projects

Practice with child/baby photos


Writing/Music projects

Updating old writing projects

Sending queries to restaurant/food magazines

Performing guitar/singing at Fest for Beatle Fans


I hope you’ll stick around for updates as I continue finding ways to stay creative and further my freelance career.  And if I see you around, I’ll make sure to give you one of my new business cards!

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