I’m four but I look like I’m five

boy running down a nature path


My son is having a sleepover with his cousins today. I packed the suitcase with several clothing options to prepare for either unseasonably warm weather or rain. And all the tiny toys that we will spend an hour searching for when it’s time to head back home.  Unfortunately I forgot the suitcase so we will be making an extra stop on the way to their house. He’s been talking about this all week. It’s fun that he is at the age where he can be away from his parents but still have the comfort of close family.

I’m lucky to have such an independent kid. Internally, I worry every minute that his no fear attitude will catch up to him. I want him to live life to the fullest but what if he falls too hard when he’s going to fast on his bike? There are too many what ifs to list. I don’t let him know it because he usually makes wise decisions for a four year old but I can’t help it; I worry.

I will get loads of work done while he is away. From organizing photos to writing projects, my list is endless. But even though it’s only for a night, I will miss my little four year old telling me all day long that “I’m four but I look like I’m five.”

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