why does color matter?

Everyone has an opinion when I change my hair color and cut. “It’s only hair,” a family member commented. He must have forgot that he was speaking to someone who devoted the last 12 years of her life to it.

Getting it colored and cut for the past 12 years has shaped my life. I learned to treat hairstylists as artists. Sassoon colorists spend years in advanced training to select that perfect color to match your skin and your personality. Stylists complete advanced training to find the perfect combination of what you want and what your face needs. I spent years working with and modeling for these stylists and colorists—I have so much respect for the work that they do to make hairstyling an art form.

In reality, my hair color doesn’t really matter. Deciding what pigment ends up on the million fine strands of my hair is not a life or death situation. I know that hair or no hair, my family is going to love me. So why do I hair model? I’m lucky enough to have a skin tone that works with most colors. And to have hair that grows faster than you can imagine. I leave the color decision to the colorists so what my hair will look like doesn’t limit me…I can’t hide behind a creative haircut and color. Hair modeling is one way I can express myself…to make  a statement without saying anything.



blonde hair with blue and purple sections, mom with son


brown hair with heart shaped bangs, mom with son


heart shaped bangs with long piece hanging over

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