lonely place




All of us have our own creative process. Some of us need to write with a certain chewed up pen that we’ve had for ten years. We play the guitar until our fingers crack and bleed. Or we need to photograph the same scene for ten days in a row. As we look through the photos we think, “still not right.” Often we need a specific environment to engage the muse. We practice in front of an imaginary audience to get the work polished and complete. In this place that is our own, we can truly create.

I could probably create anywhere and come up with work that is okay. But to create and express myself fully, without any inhibitions, I need space. A place that I can feel comfortable with no judgments. No interruptions and no exceptions. I need to be alone.

The place isn’t an exact physical location but a “place” I can get to in my head where even my own judgments can’t get to me. A world without critics and villains. A world where I can bring to life whatever I want without a little voice crushing my self-confidence and beating it to a pulp.

But I don’t always have this luxury. I have a preschooler and a couple of Chihuahuas that crave my attention. I have a needy family. When I do get this creative time, I spend the first twenty minutes figuring out what I’ll have time to accomplish before the craziness that is life sets back in.

I don’t want to be alone forever but I cherish the moments when I can get to that lonely place to create as much as I adore the moments I have with my little family. It’s nice to be needed but getting to that lonely place once in a while is comforting to my creative soul.

My question for you is…Where do you create?


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