how could I choose only one?

I thought I ‘d take a photo or two of my son playing in the snow to add to my last blog post titled Snow Dance, but he posed so well that I couldn’t take only one. This means I have no choice but  to devote an entire post to these shots.

The Snow Dance song I wrote is so simple but not to a preschooler. The task of finding all of their layers to get ready to play in the snow is very important to kids. As well as the anticipation of the arrival of the snow—for many kids, it’s the most important part of winter.  As I sang the lyrics for my son’s preschool class, a child shouted with adulation “I have a scarf!” My son, as proud as could be, interrupted to tell his friends that he knew someone with a scarf too. Then spouted out all the facts he could think of about the guitar.  “The first string and the last string are E strings.”  Meanwhile the group of 14 children sat, concentrating on the music with their hands folded, in a circle as I sang while one little girl danced.

I expected more interruptions but they remained quiet and content. Watching these three and four year olds watching me, gave me an opportunity to perform and experience what it’s like during a school day. Also, It gave my son a chance to show off in school. Something, it seemed to me, that he’s been wanting to do for a while. He tells anyone who will listen that the best part of his day was when his mom went to his class. I performed four songs and for my encore, the children asked me to play the Snow Dance song a second time. 

I received compliments and emails from the moms who heard about my performance from their kids, so I say it went really well. Today the teacher asked me to record the songs so the children can practice them in school. It looks like that will be my next project.

After the performance, we went home and it wasn’t long before his green gloves were caked in the white frosting. He wore his bright blue snow pants and coat with a bright pink nose to match. He ran and danced and stomped in his boots. My personal favorite photograph is the shot where my son is throwing a snowball at my camera. Luckily, I was far enough away to miss the snow, but close enough to capture the snow in mid air. If you are wondering how many pictures can you take of a kid playing in the snow…I’d tell you at least twenty!





















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