writing songs for four year olds

baby grasping guitar


My preschooler started appreciating music at a very young age. Since his first day home he seemed drawn to the music my husband and I played for him. Last year he got a little jealous when I would play guitar instead of paying attention to him. Each day, he seems more interested in how I play, holding the guitar pick and strumming along with me. He has his own guitar and guitar picks even though he prefers to use mine. Each day, he appreciates his musically talented family a little more. He stands proud as he sings every song he knows and does a toe-tapping dance when he doesn’t have an instrument nearby.

Now he’s in preschool and his teacher gave me a writing challenge: to come up with two new songs to entertain a classroom full of preschoolers. To date, I have two children’s songs completed out of the hundreds of folk/rock songs that I wrote. On the surface, it seems so simple to write a children’s song. But attention spans are extremely short and the brutal honesty of a four year old critic is, well, brutal.

The topics requested for these songs are “snow” and “sea.” When I observe my four year old listen to kids radio, he tends to like the more obnoxious of the kids songs. The weirder the better. Hopefully my calm acoustic notes won’t bore the students too much. Hopefully I will write at least one song with something sweet and peppy that the kids will love… Wish me luck! Smile


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