summer challenge update

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An update on my Summer Challenge post makes sense as everyone posts their new year’s resolutions to their blogs.

I started this summer challenge in the middle of summer as a mid-year goal list to keep my work in check. As we approach the middle of winter, I realize I’m a little slow when it comes to accomplishing my goals, but whatever time of year, I know I’ll get there eventually.

The process began with the organization of my office. I did well for the amount of space I have…now I have to keep up with keeping it clean! It shouldn’t be a problem since I know that I work better when I ‘m slightly more organized.

I am proud to say that I regularly read as many of your blogs as I can. I try to comment often and I love hearing what you have to say. The blogging environment has been so positive and worthwhile, giving me so many reasons to keep up with your posts.

I’m not one for excuses, but I read several books for book clubs this year, so I didn’t finish the books on my goal list, but I did have a great start. Reading Like a Writer is a great reminder of the little things to think of while reading your favorite books, like paying attention to every detail of a great sentence and the importance of grammar.

The Portable MFA gives me great ideas to springboard into writing and I’ve only read the introduction. It will help me rummage through some of my projects and make them healthier and complete—ready to send to the presses!

My photography techniques are slowly improving. With the help of the guides I read and the experience through photographing different events throughout the year, I have no choice but to create a current portfolio of my work. This includes a web site and a business card that I will get together thanks to the assistance of Lisa Bun, an amazing  graphic designer and Kim Grochmal, freelance artist who are only an email away…  (A special thanks to them for putting up with my questions and annoying requests!)

This week I’d like to focus on recording. The trouble with having several creative outlets is that so easily they get pushed aside. When focusing on writing and photography, I tend to play guitar less. So this week I will slip in some guitar time when I can…

Hopefully I will have these goals accomplished by the time summer 2012 rolls around.

Are you challenging yourself to accomplish your goals? Any new year’s resolutions? I’d love to hear because it keeps me motivated! Thanks for reading.


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