selfless acts of a four year old


My four year old asked Santa for three specific things. He has his heart set on three things and no one will change his mind. I love that he sticks to what he believes in and Santa will see to it that he gets what he asked for because he is so selfless in his choices. With the opportunity to ask for any toys in the world, he asked that Santa brings him his two favorite toys and  a toy to share with his dad so that they can play together.

Of course he has his moments like any four year old does, but this is his mentality throughout the year. He cares for his family and friends and loves when he can include everyone in his plans. He appreciates everything that is given to him.

How does a four year old understand the meaning of Christmas better than some adults? It’s about sharing and spending time with his family and we couldn’t be more proud that he’d rather get gifts to give to his family than getting the best or most expensive gift for himself. I hope this mentality lasts throughout his childhood because the gifts he does receive will be so much more rewarding. Whenever I start to think greedy thoughts, I will remind myself of my little boy who puts his family first when it comes to the holidays.


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