don’t try to put me in a box

I should have titled this blog “don’t try to put myself in a box.” Sometimes I feel guilty because I have so many creative outlets that I can’t have a blog that would please everybody. And I can’t write six separate blogs about each direction in my life because my hands would fall off and there’s not enough time in the day! No matter how hard I try, I never have one focus in my life; I have several. Although I can get a bit ambitious at times, I don’t start a project I’m not going to finish. Even if it takes me ten years, I’ll finish it.

I’ll never have one focus. I love writing. But if I didn’t play guitar, my writing would falter.  If I didn’t hair model, I wouldn’t truly express myself. If I didn’t take photographs, my world would be in black and white.

This post is an apology to those who are looking for a blog about one specific thing, like writing, music,  traveling or photography—because I do it all. If I had to narrow this blog down to one main focus, it would be creativity. Creativity is a necessary part of my survival. I couldn’t imagine being a child again, and going to a school that doesn’t have the arts. Or growing up without the music and art that my family exposed me to and encouraged.

I’m really glad you’re here and I hope you’ll be inspired by whatever creative projects I’m working on at the moment. Please enjoy the photo album that focuses on my hair modeling but also represents my creative experiences over the past ten years. Don’t forget, I always love to hear what projects you’re working on because it keeps me motivated. You help me stay out of the “box.”

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