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People assume that if I can play guitar in front of a hundred people or pour my heart out into my writing that socializing is a piece of cake for me. But I have a secret. I hide behind my guitar, and my camera, and I curl up and hide my face in my notebook so no one can see me. As a perfectionist, unless I am hiding behind my “equipment,” I’m scared out of my wits. So even a wedding in the middle of the mountains is daunting because I am out of my comfort zone.

Once we entered the reception, I had a chance to catch up with my old colleagues from the salon I worked at as head receptionist before my son was born. Most of them transferred and live in different states so the wedding was a reunion for some of us. I met new friends too and despite my reserved nature, I had a great time catching up with everyone.  My husband kept our son occupied so I had little to worry about.

Usually, I only blog with my own photography, but here’s a shot someone took of us “catching up.” I’m the one with the teal hair! Smile


We did worry if we could make it out of the mountains and back to our hotel. The GPS wasn’t reliable but we made it back okay. We did a day of sightseeing in San Francisco before we boarded our flight back to the Midwest.




When we arrived back in Chicago, my son talked about California, the airplane and the wedding in the “hills.” The entire trip was an experience my four year old will never forget!


Thanks for spending this week with me as I blogged through the trip and highlighted my photography. If you missed out, here are the blog posts from our trip to California.

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