a wedding in the mountains

This is it. The main reason we went on this trip to California—the wedding. As we drove up the winding road to The Nestldown, we wondered if we were headed in the right direction. They said GPS wasn’t reliable and if you go the wrong way, it isn’t easy to get back. As we finally approached the reception site, our four year old who never naps, fell asleep. We parked and waited for him to rest a little. Then I strolled uphill, in heels, to the ceremony area with a limp child in my arms to be greeted with hot chocolate. I had just enough time to say hello to my old coworkers and find out where the bathrooms were (in case of a preschooler emergency). The ceremony began shortly and this is what we witnessed.

looking up through the redwoods

bride and groom looking out to crowd

close up of bride with nature background

bride and groom staring in each other's eyes

the groom scored!

The bottom layer of her dress was caked in dirt from the residue of the rain earlier in the day. It didn’t bother her, or anyone else. As our good friend put it, “this is going to be a wedding we’re never going to forget.” The wedding made our entire trip worthwhile.

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