life is a stage…

boy on mother goose stage in Fairytale Town

With a preschooler and a husband who loves animals more than most people, it’s inevitable that we’d stop at a zoo on our vacation. It wasn’t planned, but we took a pit stop at the Sacramento Zoo on our road trip to San Francisco.

Our little boy was amazing on this long trip from home—his first vacation away from everything he’s ever known. So we had to spoil him a little. Across from the zoo, we found Fairytale Town, so we stopped there first. It looked like an ideal place for a preschooler to run around. And it was. I think he ran the crooked mile enough times to complete a marathon. Despite the cold weather, he loved the place, insisting that we were all characters from Peter Pan. I started out as Captain Hook but he downgraded me to Mr. Smee.

boy on pirate ship at fairytale town

Addicted to the spotlight, he jumped up on stage to perform. Shy and reserved like me, but performing nonetheless. Seeing him up there, dancing and having fun, made me realize how much of an affect my goals in life have on him. I loved being on stage before he was born. Picking up a guitar and singing, whether it was in front of two or a hundred people, always gave me the high that I never needed drugs to get. I wonder if he will love the stage five years from now. Or ten. I don’t want him to grow up so fast, but part of me can’t wait to find out.

I want more than anything to get back on stage but life (and maybe a little fear) holds me back. I’ll start small, performing a couple of kid’s songs for a group of preschoolers before I make my way back into the big leagues. Or maybe I’ll find a different venue. My life has gone in an unexpected direction so all the planning in the world won’t prepare me for what unexpected thing will happen next…Either way, I hope you’ll stick with me as I muddle through this adventure…

We did brave the cold weather and headed to the zoo after Fairytale Land. The cold weather didn’t keep us from seeing every single animal they had before getting back on the road. I’ll show you the zoo photos in my next post…


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