another day of sightseeing

The long and winding roads that lead to…the mountains and scenery in Northern California… are making my head spin. But it’s worth driving “left and right, left and right” as my son says while we follow the curvy roads, when we can say we took him on a few nature adventures that he will never forget.

It’s a little disappointing though, when I wake up and compare the temperature back home in Chicago and it’s warmer there than it is here. Hopefully it’ll warm up before we head back home.

These photos are few of the reasons that the long car ride to the dam and Whiskey town was worth it. The first three are similar photos using various in-camera filters. I took the photos in between running laps and singing with my three year old.





Our trip takes a different turn tomorrow as we head to San Francisco for a wedding. I’ll do my best to take in the scenery on the drive and relax as we head to our next destination. We’ll see how that goes with my antsy little boy in the car!

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