a weeklong journey

cute little boy in a canoe


I am heading to California with mixed expectations. I hope you will join me on this weeklong journey as a photograph my way through it.

I focus many of my blog posts on the projects I am working on…But I continue dong productive work in all of my specialties—from writing poetry and song lyrics to photography  and hair modeling. As nothing is static in my life, I hope you enjoy the variety.

I thought I’d leave you with a poem I wrote as I finish packing for my trip. I’ll be back soon with photos and stories as we travel…




Attempted the search for individuality

For charisma—

The unordinary life

Destined to hide from the crowd

Then rise above them

Through trauma

Safety nets

Uniform scrapes and timed falls

3. 2. 1.

I ended the pursuit.


In this tunnel of normalcy

The unknown grew dust bunnies

Wrapped in the plastic containers filled with souvenirs

Under the metal framed bed

I lacked appeal in my own circle


Rolled over and buried myself in blankets

Broke the rules for living

Sore from thoughts


Scattering in opposing directions

Faithless in self


Jailed in this metal frame.

Held by pity. Buried in regret.

Will the unfamiliar seek me out?

Create a power struggle to mellow

And fight me for a balanced existence?

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