the creative touch

“Creativity is a powerful thing. Maybe even more powerful than we realize. And
the only way to steer yours wisely is to trust your instincts.” Christina Katz

From this quote in Christina Katz’s e-zine for writers, I found strength in these three words—creativity is powerful. Sometimes, as we delve into our projects and focus on the work at hand, creativity becomes a subconscious but essential part of the project. It fuels every aspect of the work of a writer. photographer. musician. artist. etc.

My writing have been on hold as I focused on photography projects these past few weeks.  Here are a few more flower shots I took during Chicago’s in-between seasons, before fall ends and winter sets in. As I am allergic to just about everything (exaggerating a little…) I can’t be around flowers without the sniffles and I’m deathly afraid of bees. But the creative soul in me can’t help but take photos of both of them. And as soon as the bee flies off the flower, I jet out of there. Hopefully I won’t damage my camera equipment as I scurry away from the bees with arms flailing (most likely making increasing my chances of getting stung).

bee fluttering on purple flowers in fall


purple flowers against a brick wall

bee on a single flower, branching out from a bush

Do you have a season that inspires your creativity more than the rest?

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