one simple act of kindness


I went on my bi-weekly trip for coffee this morning and I wasn’t feeling right. As I was overthinking about  so many changes on the horizon, I felt a little low. Haven’t felt myself since allergy season began. Self-pity isn’t a regular habit of mine but like the hives on my right eye on this  hay feverish day, it crept up and attached itself to me. I thought I’d be wallowing in it all day.

As I attempted to purchase my drink, the only card I brought with me wasn’t working. My heart sank as the only thing that could make my day a little brighter was slipping away from me. I told her I’d run and get some cash.

“Just pay for it the next time you come in.”

She didn’t have to do that. Maybe she could tell it was one of those days. Whatever the reason, I feel like I got a second chance to perk up and focus on the little things that will get me through this day and the next.

Thank you coffee lady, for making me feel special. Time to finish up some work and share some of that kindness with someone else today. Maybe there’s somebody that could use a little boost today too.

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