dog people

It’s easy to start a conversation with a dog person. Chicago is known for its dog-lovers so they are easy to find here. At the Paws Annual Run for their Lives race this morning, I photographed dogs and their owners, sometimes getting on all fours myself to get a great shot. I took 1000 photos. It wasn’t difficult to find a great photo when dogs dressed in weiner costumes and tu-tus were wandering the Montrose Harbor.  The owners were friendly and went out of their way to help me out.

I felt a little lonely in the rain without my two ferocious Chihuahua/Terriers by my side but I knew they’d be better off at home. Whenever I felt on my own, a Bull Mastiff or a shelter mix would find his way over and attempt to lick my camera to say hello.

The photo shoot today taught be a few things about myself. I love taking photos—especially when I can blend into the environment and snap shots of people enjoying themselves. I don’t think I’ll ever be good at telling people how or where to pose (the evil result of inherited shyness), or to get a group of several families with their pets to smile pretty all at once. But that didn’t prevent me from getting some amazing shots. Shots that I will share with you when they are posted on the site.

My eternal goal will be the same. To be creative every day. Spending a day working on photography inspires my writing, inspires my music and all the arts my brain can handle. Seeing things in a new and different way inspires all forms of creativity and thank you for letting me share my experiences with you.

Thanks to all the dog people that took the time to talk and inspire some great photo opportunities. Time to wipe the dirt off my pants from crawling around on the wet muddy ground for five hours and continue the creative spark…


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