no people watching this weekend

My photography is taking off—through networking I have several projects coming up and I feel like I am trailing behind. I don’t have my portfolio in order and living without my computer for two weeks kept me from doing any type of editing.  A few thousand pictures are waiting for me to organize them.  I added a couple of recent “people shots” to this post as I prepare for this weekend. (Unedited photos from Day Out With Thomas event and a Cooking Demo for Gilda’s Club Chicago). Even though I know my way around a camera, I still have a lot to learn with terminology so I can sound as professional as I look…


I have a hold on composition and using my creative eye. Slowly I am grasping how to work with light with some photography experiments. This weekend I have to work with people, which is not one of my strong points. When it comes to capturing a great photo, flowers and animals are easier to approach, especially since you don’t have to ask them to sign a waiver.

DSC_4500 (2)



As with all of my creative endeavors, I work best as an observer. People watching is my specialty. So to be the photographer who has to jump in the scene and direct is a little daunting. How do you get someone to give you the pose you want? Just ask and hope for the best? What if they don’t want their picture taken? What if the time spent asking for a photo causes me to miss out on some other great photo op? People look so much more natural when you capture them enjoying the moment. When I ask them to pose, my fear is that they will clench up, put on the fake smile and give me a photo I didn’t ask for. 

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