always goes back to balance…


I get a sufficient amount of work done when I can take a few days off from being a mom, wife, etc to truly focus on my projects; but how often does that happen?. Even when I get a few nights off from the family my mind wanders to everything going on in our lives. I get work done, but it’s so darn hard to focus.

Yesterday I did some more writing without my computer. It was freeing because I sat for hours with nothing but my notebook and a pen—those writing sessions are often some of the best. But this recent lack of technology proves how dependent I am on technology. I think I would stop functioning if something happened to my phone and I couldn’t check my email every five minutes. Or would I?


Balance is a theme from most of my blog posts because I am always on the hunt for it. I think if I continue to work in my notebook once a week, even for a short chunk of time, I could accomplish a lot more with less distractions, and a lighter load too.

I pick up my son from his sleepover in a few hours. Time to shut off the computer and write before I run out of time.


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