Serenity. I look for it in every day life—striving for a string of peaceful moments that evolve into relaxation. But stress sits on my shoulders, controlling my every move. The moments when relaxing is a possibility, my brain takes over and ruins everything. I think. I question. I burden myself with other people’s problems, often as a distraction from my own. Even in a garden, blooming with soothing color, I’m worried about: a friend, my allergies, my husband working too late or my son stepping on all the flowers because I’m not giving him constant attention. I worry if my blog readers are upset because I didn’t post enough to keep them interested, what I have to do the next week, the next morning, and in the next five minutes.  I don’t have time to breath, so relaxing is far from a priority in my stress-filled world.


Some days I carry the world on my shoulders. I keep mentioning my shoulders because  I can feel the tension pulse like a habitual bee sting.

The burden of being a worrier was passed on through the womb. All sides of the family are worriers. We worry about worrying. Even discussing the issue, I second guess if I should even bring it up. My husband gives me a look and says, “you’re over-thinking things again.” And it’s true; I am. Yet this burden is occasionally a blessing. It fuels my writing because I can mentally prepare, empathize and imagine many situations.



How do you find peaceful moments in the midst of every day life? Please let me know, and feel free to comment on my photography as well!


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