inspiration and intuition



As always, I blog about the blog posts/articles that inspire me but unfortunately I can’t find the link for the recent post that I read. So I will update this blog when I find it! I read a blog about intuition that inspired me to write this…

For two of my creative outlets, writing and photography, inspiration and intuition come from a similar place.


Where do I find inspiration?



I need alone time to work. I can be alone in a group of strangers but as soon as someone I know is around, my mommy brain makes me feel like I need to give them attention or cater to them. Being alone allows me to focus and sift through the thoughts that I’m wrestling with. Too much alone time isn’t beneficial because my friends and family inspire me to follow my path. Does alone time work for you?


This refers to my own experiences throughout my life. I jot down notes from every event that has some deeper meaning. So when I need inspiration, I can file through my old notes and find a topic or event that I’d like to dig a little deeper on. If it still interests me after a few years then it’s probably a keeper! You can use your own experiences as a base for your creative work as well. It seems obvious but it is so easy to get caught up in a project and forget to connect it to what has happened in your own life.



This doesn’t mean staring at people until they do something exciting. It involves evoking all of your senses to get a feel for people. The boy across from me at the coffee shop is easily amused. He bobs his head and giggles at videos he’s watching on his computer. He picks up his hands and rubs them together, then stares out the window, taking a break from what he’s doing. His headphones in his ears, his cheerful attitude unhinged by the little girl who begs him to buy some of her peanut M&Ms.

Is this a potential character for one of my projects? I don’t know but he’s intriguing. It seems like nothing could get him down. I wonder if he’s easily amused most of the time or did something special excite him today? Does he act this way with his friends? Does he notice the strong toasted sandwich smell coming from the bar or does it blend with the coffee ground air? Intuition tells me that he stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Rewrites/New approaches



Ever try to rewrite a project or approach a project in a different way? This might be the ticket your brain needs to complete something—a different view or outlook can open up more possibilities, like brainstorming with a starting point and an objective to finish a project you might otherwise toss aside. My most popular blog post is a rewrite of a poem I wrote years ago. My favorite photos are taken from an unexpected point of view.

Someone else’s blog post inspired me to write this, as well as complete some unfinished projects. Intuition is the little voice in my head that tells me to take what inspired me and turn it into something great.

I hope you are inspired to work on something old…or something new and different today. Good luck in all that you do!

As always feel free to comment on my photography because I’m still learning as a I go along.