It feels more like summer is approaching than it has in a while. We have the windows open. The fans blowing. The dog is crying because he’s tired and overheated and it isn’t even 9AM. My little boy is running back and forth claiming he is hulk (because he has no shirt on) and defying me by refusing to eat his breakfast (something he never does). It’s a weird morning. All of us were up early because on of our dogs got hurt last night and he’s still in a lot of pain. We feel it too—no one wants our dog to hurt. He’s a shelter dog and from the looks of him when we got him, he’s been through a lot of pain in his life.

We spent the night distracting him from the pain until it went away. I feel like some days I could use a little distraction from my own pain. When I feel that way, my friends are great distraction. Even if we just go to a movie and barely talk about anything important, it’s nice to take a break from the stress. It sounds so simple but it takes a lot of effort for me.

Why am I stressed? Because I know what I want and until things move forward with our current situation, I’m stuck in this holding ground. Some days, it’s painful because no matter what I do to move forward, I have to wait.

I don’t have patience. I hate waiting. But if it means that I will, one day, be able to take steps toward what I want in life, then a little waiting won’t hurt. I’ll stay focused and improve on my life as much as I can for now—and enjoy the distractions that keep me going…


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